Student recruitment

We are actively recruiting current students for paid employment in Summer 2020 as Data Analysts. We recruit from the cohort of students who complete the requisite footprint-related courses in the Ecological Footprint Initiative.

We are actively recruiting future students into the initiative to start in September 2020 through the MES program in the Faculty of Environmental Studies. If you are applying to the program, please indicate your interest in this initiative. Details are provided below.

Apply through the MES program

Interested in becoming a leader in sustainability informatics? Join the Ecological Footprint Initiative by becoming a graduate student in the MES program of the Faculty of Environmental Studies at York University.

Background and interests in sustainability assessment, sustainability indicators, quantitative methods, spatial analysis, and geomatics will be considered an asset. Successful candidates will be expected to develop a thesis, major paper or major project in this area, and to work with the Ecological Footprint project as Research Assistants.

The MES program offers minimum funding of $11,000/ year for two years, with additional funding to support travel and the potential of footprint-specific Research Assistantships.

Follow this link for details of the base funding model at York University.

Follow this link for details on applying to the MES program.